Saint Gaudens Double Eagles

1907 saint gaudens high relief 1907 saint gaudens high relief reverse


Due to the high price of gold, common dates of Saint-Gaudens double eagles generally cost close to $2000 each, making collecting the set by date a challenge. Most coins dated 1929 and later go for tens of thousands of dollars since few were placed into circulation and most were subsequently melted. Other rare dates include 1920S, 1921, 1927D and the 1907 high relief.

Many of the coins survive in uncirculated condition. coins in the lower grades of uncirulated (MS60 and MS61) can still be attractive as the business of the design often masks small scratches.



Saint Gaudens Double Eagles were minted in Philadelphia (no mintamark), San Francisco (S), and Denver (D).

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St. Gaudens

St. Gaudens information

Teddy Roosevelt liked the design of the ten dollar eagle but made one radical suggestion: Add an Indian headdress.

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Neither Augustus St. Gaudens nor Teddy Roosevelt wanted the words In God We Trust on the coins. Click on the link to find out why.

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