Saint Gaudens Double Eagles

1907 saint gaudens high relief 1907 saint gaudens high relief reverse

Augustus Saint-Gaudens, was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1848, but emigrated to the United States and settled in New York while an infant.  In 1867, he traveled to Paris and then Rome to study art and architecture.  Later in the 1870’s he returned to the United States where he created a number of sculptures including Standing Lincoln (in Lincoln Park, Chicago) and the Robert Gould Shaw memorial in the Boston Commons.

In 1904, Theodore Roosevelt tapped Saint-Gaudens to improve upon the design of United States coins.  Saint-Gaudens designed the ten dollar gold coin (Eagle) and the twenty dollar gold coin (double eagle).  His work became part of the golden age of American Coins.

Augustus Saint-Gaudens died in 1907, the first year of production for his gold coins.



In 1907 the Saint Gaudens double eagles were minted in high relief. As this was impractical for coinage, the relief was lowered later that year.


St. Gaudens

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Teddy Roosevelt liked the design of the ten dollar eagle but made one radical suggestion: Add an Indian headdress.

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Neither Augustus St. Gaudens nor Teddy Roosevelt wanted the words In God We Trust on the coins. Click on the link to find out why.

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