Saint Gaudens Double Eagles

1907 saint gaudens high relief 1907 saint gaudens high relief reverse

In 1907, the Saint Gaudens twenty dollar gold coin (or double eagle) and the ten dollar gold coin (or eagle) were introduced. Considered to be among the most beautiful coins ever produced in the United States, it ushered in the "golden age of coins," in which Theodore Roosevelt sought top artists to improve US coinage.

Thiis site provides information about the Saint Gaudens double eagle,the eagle, and the modern bullion coins (American Eagles) with the same design.



Saint Gaudens Double Eagles were minted in Philadelphia (no mintamark), San Francisco (S), and Denver (D).

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St. Gaudens

St. Gaudens information

Teddy Roosevelt liked the design of the ten dollar eagle but made one radical suggestion: Add an Indian headdress.

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Neither Augustus St. Gaudens nor Teddy Roosevelt wanted the words In God We Trust on the coins. Click on the link to find out why.

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